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What is donut?

Five🖐️ Revolutionary Applications in  One☝️

Donut is a decentralized system of 5 apps being built into 1 to completely bridge the gap between traditional trading over blockchain by incorporating five platforms under which storage & escrow service, identity verification, payments & exchange are simplified.

Un-Tangle Commerce & Banking

Shatterproof Storage

Simplify Exchange & Investment

Ready to Use SDK’s

Donut will unite the whole digital ecosystem together over blockchain by helping deploy dapps around the world. They can even customize the SDK according to their interfaces within the dapps.



With donut, developers can have a decentralize multi currency system within their app. Using it for payments and rewards.


Developers can have a decentralize multi currency system within their app. Using it for payments and rewards.

Are you a Merchant or Developer?
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Download the Donut Wallet alpha 

We encourage and incentivize the submission of future project ideas via an open community proposal process. The donut network token allows donut hodlers to signal for what markets they would like to see the donut team build and deploy next.

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Donut Framework

Donuts is an ecosystem where the DONUT coin resides in the center of the operations, we provide Five 🖐️ major products that are all connected to each other as One ☝ .
Packed with a layer of donut decentralzied identity for extra layer of needed security.

Donut loves decentralzied products building direct interactions with blockchain,the diagram depicts the donut products working together as a framework bring users from outside the network of crypto currencies as well as the users within the network to interact with dapps deployed by our partners or by the donut team on the blockchain. This way we are able to achieve localization, reaching and interact with downlevel users at scale and help the decentralized economy grow faster. Read More in the WhitePaper  

Increasing transactional volume on our DONUT network increases the price of the token which is a win for our investors as well.

Donuts vs Competition ⚔

Introducing the safest decentralized platform in the world for buyers and sellers. Below you will find a practical comparison between Donut and some of the major traditional and crypto online payment platform and exchange Coinbase and Paypal.  View Whitepaper for a Detailed comparison between more 

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Market Value   Starting Now $8 Billion $100 Billion
Decentralize Storage   img8 img9 img10
Decentralize Exchange   img8 img9 img10
Huge Variety of CryptoCurrencies   img8 img9 img10
Decentralize Identity Systems   img8 img9 img10
Buyer Protection (Escrow Systems)   img8 img9 img10
Begginer Proof Interfaces   img8 img9 img10
Fully Customizeable SDK & API's   img8 img9 img10
Address Verififcation System   img8 img9 img10
Baseline Volitality Conversions   img8 img9 img10
All Tradign Assist   img8 img9 img10
Unbeatable Transfer Rates   img8 img9 img10
Enterprise Tools   img8 img9 img10
Crypto-Fiat Withdrawl Systems   img8 img9 img10
Store & Trade 'Game Assets'   img8 img9 img10
ENS name servers   img8 img9 img10

Token Sale Details

Donut aims to make the   Worlds First  mobile first wallet & exchange, that changes the paradigm with decentralize products built for beginner and pro level interactions on the blockchain

Token Name DONUT
Hard Cap 12000 ETH
Soft Cap 3300 ETH
Exchange Rate 1 ETH = 12000 DONUT's
Currency Accepted ETH
Starts at December 5 9:00 UTC
Ends at February 28 11:59 UTC
Restrictions for USA, CHINA, SYRIA
Early Bonuses 🎁 May 5 - July 19 30% Bonus
Aug 5 - Sep 19 20% Bonus
Oct 5 - Nov 19 10% Bonus
Token Burn State 🔥 Tokens will be burned using
20% Revenues of each year,
Creating Dividend like features
for all hodlers

Token Distribution & Use of Funds


Research and Development


Business Development








 All tokens alloted to the Team Members will be Locked for 1 year


Download Donut Whitepaper

Dive into our whitepaper to understand our vision and learn more about the platform, the decentalized wallet with buyer protection model with an identity verification system and a fully decentralize exchange.

Whitepaper   📑 OnePager  📃


Donuts bounty program is designed to spread the word about our goals and development progress with the help of community. A bounty program participant is welcomed to write or share posts about donuts.

Campaign Details


Q4 (2017) - Q3 (2018)

  •    WhitePer V1
  •    Website
  •    Live Demo
  •    Company Registration

Q4 (2017) - Q3 (2018)

  •    WhitePaper V1
  •    Website
  •    Live Demo
  •    Company Registration

Q4 (2017) - Q3 (2018)

  •    WhitePaper V1
  •    Website
  •    Live Demo
  •    Company Registration

Q4 (2017) - Q3 (2018)

  •    WhitePaper V1
  •    Website
  •    Live Demo
  •    Company Registration

Q4 (2017) - Q3 (2018)

  •    WhitePaper V1
  •    Website
  •    Live Demo
  •    Company Registration

Team & Advisiors


Vaibhav Kalra
CEO - Cheif Exceutive Officer


CTO - Cheif Exceutive Officer


Sonali Gupta
CSO - Cheif Stratergy Officer


Manav Kalra
CEO - Cheif Exceutive Officer


CFO - Cheif Financial Officer


Vaibhav Kalra
CEO - Cheif Exceutive Officer


Vaibhav Kalra
CEO - Cheif Exceutive Officer


Vaibhav Kalra
CEO - Cheif Exceutive Officer


MF Shobaru

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Here are some demo's of Donut Dapp's

Select the demo MVP of the feature you want to access


Donut Plugin & Extensions Backend

This is the backend for the plugin which merchants be using on there websites, to easily provide decentralized donut identity login, to accept crypto payments , provide crypto rewards and more.


Donut Pro Control Center

This web app is like a control center for various dapps such as decentralized exchange including crypto payments and everything you already use on your donut app, like a web extension of the donut wallet but with more features.